Game Gift Options for Everyone on Your List

Game Gift Options for Everyone on Your List

Games are the perfect present for any occasion because they stimulate the mind, encourage competitiveness, increase bonding, and create fun memories. However, not all games are created equal. Never assume that one style of game works with every personality. To make the game choosing process easier, here are game and game inspired products to buy for everyone on your list.

For Significant Other:

Buy board games that encourage more emotional bonding. There are plenty of couple based board games, so you have options on whether you want to buy more strategic, competitive, or question based games. A few of our favorites, which combine most of those gaming elements, are Couples Table Topic, Pandemic Legacy Season 1, and Match Mate.

If your significant other is a gamer, find out the types of games that he enjoys playing the most. Is he a fan of strategic games? Does he enjoy playing shooter games? Or is he the fighting game enthusiast? Once you know his game preferences, research the best newly released games in that category, or casually ask him about the next major game that he wants to play.

Your gaming boyfriend would also love gift cards to major retailers that sell games, like Amazon, GameStop, and Walmart. Add enough money on the card for one or two game purchases.

For Family Members:

Buy new board games for game nights. The best board games for your family depends on their game preferences. Some general rules when purchasing family games are to get ones that everyone in your house will want to play, it has to encourage competitiveness, and be entertaining. We recommend Clue, Taboo, and Jenga. If your family doesn’t already have many board games, start the tradition this year by buying a few for the collection.

Card games also are ideal gifts to give your family. A typical box of cards allows for a variety of game options,which keeps everyone entertained for days. Soft Surrounding carries a collection of games that bring a unique twists to the classics. These are enticing gifts because Soft Surrounding offers discounts weekly through Groupon. Getting the perfect game for your family and saving more money? Sounds like a major win to us.

For the Best Friend:

Purchase your friend some games inspired clothing. Use specialty t-shirt shops like Threadless to find unique shirts featuring modern and classic game heroes. Pac-Man, Pikachu, and Zelda are just a few of the many popular game characters that you can expect to see on a t-shirt.

In a similar sentiment, these characters’ likeness are now being used on everything from furniture to hats. Also gaming inspired jewelry would make your friend go crazy with excitement, so keep those in mind when shopping. New gaming equipment is the best option for anyone on your list who is a gamer, but especially for your best friend.

Look for quality gaming headphones, new controllers, expansion packs, or speakers. Any of these options are bound to make the recipient overjoyed.

The versatility of games make them ideal for anyone on your list, just pay close attention to their game preferences.

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