Some Important Reasons Why Every Artist Needs To Be On Spotify

Spotify is considered to be the biggest music subscription service in the world. There is a strategy wherein the music is being marketed via the playlists and then this will help in the increasing the catalogue’s Spotify streams. They attract the followers mainly to the playlists depending on the themes and genres. Well, just so that you know, Spotify has over 40 million users all over the world and around 10 million of those users pay a monthly subscription fee.

How can Spotify be beneficial to aspiring artists?

  • Using the subscription service can help in the cultivation of new budding talent: Spotify is currently available in more than 60 countries. With the combination of data and music, there will be a huge impact created on the music industry overall.
  • It is easier to be in touch with the help of alerts and notifications: Spotify has an automatic feature which will send notifications to all your followers every time you release some new music. The notifications will include push mobile notification, email alerts and some recommendations in the activity feed.

Spotify promotion will help all the aspiring artists out there to promote their music, update the images with the latest look and so much more. It might not be possible to submit music that has already had its release but it can be still discovered. Spotify has a team of editors who are always on the outlook for fresh, aspiring and budding talent. If you want to be easily spotted by … Read More

Master The Art Of Promoting Your Music With The Help Of Daynes Promotions Blog

With the advent of the internet and technology, the people these days have a plethora of options with the help of which they can make the best use of the internet for reaping the benefits of their hard work. While the internet offers a variety of options to everyone for the purpose of showcasing their talent, on the other hand, technology makes it possible for the aspiring artists to bring their talent to the right platform before their audience. It is for this reason that different applications which enable the people to bring forth their works before the desired audience are gaining loads of popularity.

However, if you are an aspiring singer and would want yourwork to be noticed by the listeners, then just recording your track anduploading it on the website is not sufficient. In order to make sure that yourtrack becomes the sound of the majority of people crossing all the geographicalbarriers, you must know the right tools with the help of which you are able todevise a full-fledged strategy to promote your music. Even then, if you arestruggling to find the right audience, the daynes promotions blog shall be of great help in guiding you about the right techniques that are to befollowed for the purpose of garnering responses from your audience.

Don’t wait for fairy godmother!

Practically speaking, in order to climb the stairs of popularity, you have to make the best possible use of the available means to weave a ‘magic’ on your listeners. Leave … Read More

A new innovation in high speed Internet: V-fibernet tech

Airtel offers the superb V-fibernet technology in broadband, which is the most radical innovation in the sector by far.

In recent years, Internet technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in India. From the humble mobile phone of the 1990s with patchy network and expensive monthly plans, to extremely affordable broadband connections that service both homes and offices, Internet tech has certainly come a long way.

But it continues to progress ever more. A case in point, is the radical fiber broadband technology. A superior alternative to conventional broadband, fibernet is fast, robust and always on. Plus, leading providers like Airtel have reasonably priced plans with easy purchase and bill payment options. Even more significantly, Airtel’s radical new V-fibernet broadband is scaling new frontiers in speed and connectivity. It is the best solution for large offices and industrial complexes that require fast Internet with the capability to connect several digital devices at once.

V-fiber broadband: What is means 

Airtel’s V-fibernet is a radical addition to the broadband services being offered in India at the moment. Fibre broadband uses fibre optics to transmit Internet signals instead of the usual thin copper wiring normally used in broadband connections. The advantage of using optical fibres in the network is that they are sturdier, thinner and more pliable than copper. So, they can be laid over much longer distances than their copper counterparts. Not only do they cover longer distances, they also offer much higher density and bandwidth.

If you test the Airtel V-fibernet … Read More